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Shipping Times, Options, Etc.
WHEN WILL I GET MY ORDER? First, please be sure to check our "Retailers" link to make sure you cannot purchase our products locally! Those of you don't have a retailer nearby and order online will receive an autoresponse email indicating that we ship orders within 2 business days. Orders below $25 ship first class, and orders above this amount are Priority Mail. In most cases, first-class mail gets from Denver to your address within 3-4 days at most; Priority Mail usually 2 days.

SHIPPING OPTIONS? If you need a shipment by a certain date, please just let us know in the "Comment" section of your order form, or by sending an email to If you are OK with the extra couple of dollars for Priority Mail upgrade, please indicate this in your note and we will make it happen. If you want overnight or Fedex/UPS upgrade, we can do this too with your OK. Just figure on an additional $10-15 or more.

WILL I GET MY ORDER BY CHRISTMAS? When the holidays roll around, we get pretty busy here at Itzadog. Our items make perfect stocking stuffers, Secret Santa/office gifts, etc.

Generally, orders placed a week prior to Christmas should be received by Christmas, meaning December 19th, 2008 is the last "safe" date to order product without paying for a shipping upgrade. Orders placed after the 22nd 0f December will not be processed until after Christmas, since we like to close the office for most of that week and enjoy the holidays.

All orders denominated in US Dollars

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