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Seth Godin Declares Quiet Spot a Purple Cow!
Seth Godin, noted author, marketing guru and frequent contributor to Fast Company Magazine, named Itzadog's Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer to his list of "99 Cows."

99 Cows is a PDF e-book companion to Seth's recently-released book entitled "Purple Cow," an intriguing book that anyone involved in marketing, advertising or public relations should read. Here is what Seth had to say about Quiet Spot:


I admit that I thought this was an incredibly dumb idea. I’ll also admit that I’m wrong. That’s part of my point —it doesn’t matter what you think. It matters what the audience you care about thinks.

Scott Schaible’s wife is a light sleeper. So light that the jingling dog tags around his dog’s neck woke her up.

Rather than getting rid of the dog (bad idea) or using duct tape (for the collar, not the dog!), Scott invented a neoprene pet-tag holder that would silence the jingles. And that was the end of that.

Until he started getting great feedback from people as he walked the dog. Every pet lover, it seemed, wanted . Itzadog! was born. The product: The Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer.

Scott realizes that only 1 percent of the potential audience is willing to pay $8 for his patented invention. But that's enough—because those people are eager to spread the word to their friends and to total strangers. He gave dog lovers something to talk about, and now there are five hundred stores around the world busy selling his profitable device. He didn’t need Wal-Mart to win.

I will gladly email you a free ($10 value) copy of the 99 Cows Ebook. Just drop me a line at and I will send it right to you!(You won't have to go far to read about Quiet Spot - we are Chapter #3!)

Seth Godin is the bestselling author of several books, including "Permission Marketing," "Unleashing the Ideavirus," and others. Learn more at

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