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Does the Quiet Spot Tag Silencer really work?
For 14 years, Quiet Spot has been keeping dog tags silent (and keeping the info on those tags legible) like no other product in the market.

Most people seem to get at least 2 years from a Quiet Spot. "I probably over-engineered it," says inventor Scott Schaible. "But that's just the way I do things." For example, you could make it from a cheaper or thinner material, but that would be lame. Really, most people simply get a new Quiet Spot when they put a new collar on the dog - because who wants to put something old on a new collar - even if it still works fine?

Quiet Spot really delivers. For a price that's less than what many people spend on coffee and a snack at that fancy coffee place. And Quiet Spot is made in Colorado, USA - since day one.

Check it out and see for yourself. Post a photo of your dog wearing Quiet Spot on the Itzadog Facebook page (just search "Itzadog").

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