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Do the inexpensive rubber tag silencers work?
The cheap rubber "grommet" silencers that slip around the edge of a dog's tags may seem like a bargain at just a couple of dollars, but be forewarned: They simply don't work. A typical dog with three tags will still generate enough jingle to awaken a sleeping baby or light sleepers. Only a neoprene Quiet Spot can truly eliminate the metal-on-metal sound.

Also note: Quiet Spot retails for around $9, but if you have 3-4 tags on your dog you will spend just as much for the rubber ones. Quiet Spot can easily accommodate 5 or more tags, since it is made from stretchy wetsuit material.

Another thing we've heard from a number of people who have tried the rubber silencers is, food and water can get inside the edge of the material, where it can rot and create an unbelievably bad smell. Someone told me recently, "I hugged my dog and thought he suddenly had bad breath, then realized that food, hair and water had accumulated in the edge of the rubber silencer - which I immediately removed." Gross.

Avoid hanging a science experiment around your dog's neck - stick with Quiet Spot, The Original Pet Tag Silencer!

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