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Quiet Spot Receives U.S. Patent
Itzadog LLC Receives US Patent for Quiet Spot,
The Original Pet Tag Silencer™

DENVER – Itzadog LLC, announced this week that it had recently received approval from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a patent on Quiet Spot(R), the Original Pet Tag Silencer™. Quiet Spot is a unique, award-winning neoprene pouch that slips over a dog’s tags, immediately ceasing the jingling of dog tags and eliminating the unsightly tag tarnish on the coats of lighter-colored breeds. The product was greeted with immediate success upon its launch in 2000, and is manufactured locally in Denver, Colorado USA.

“We are very pleased to receive the United States Patent,” stated inventor and Itzadog Founder & CEO Scott Schaible. “There is no other product in the marketplace like Quiet Spot, and we were glad to see that the US Patent and Trademark Office concurred with every one of our claims,” he continued. Schaible invented Quiet Spot several years ago, after recognizing a need for the product and finding that nothing like it was available. Quiet Spot is now available at more than 500 retailers nationwide, as well as Canada and Europe. The product has other international patents pending.

In addition to the hundreds of independent pet product retailers carrying the product, Schaible indicates that other market segments are also enjoying success with Quiet Spot. High-end running shops are just one such example. “So many people run or jog with their dogs, and the jingling of the tags can ruin the peace and quiet of the early morning,” Schaible stated. Another key benefit to runners: Other neighborhood dogs are less likely to charge the fence and bark at them. “Since yard dogs don’t hear the jingling tags coming down the street, they remain asleep and unexcited,” Schaible continued. Bird hunters also use Quiet Spot, to give their field retrievers more stealth when sweeping fields for game.

Quiet Spot installs in seconds without tools, and features a genuine 3M Scotchlite(R) reflective logo for safer walking after dark. The wetsuit material is quick-drying and virtually weatherproof, leaving no reason to ever remove Quiet Spot, even for swimming or baths. Currently, Quiet Spot comes in eight fashionable colors, including Black, Blue, Camouflage, Red, Green, Purple, Safety Orange and Leopard Print. Itzadog recently introduced a Private Label option, allowing retailers and organizations to emblazon Quiet Spot with their own name, logo or telephone number.

For more information on Quiet Spot or a list of retailers where the product is available, call 303-322-4114 or visit


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