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Itzadog Products the Perfect Holiday Gift
Itzadog manufactures all of its products in the USA, and many of their unique items are perennial holiday gift and stocking stuffer favorites. Every items Itzadog makes has a suggested retail price under $20.

Under $10, the Quiet Spot Pet Tag Silencer is a perfect gift for any dog lover. Light sleepers, bird hunters, joggers, homes with sleeping babies - anyone who finds the jingling tags annoying. Quiet Spot also eliminates skin problems and coat discoloration from the metal dog tags. In 9 cool colors and patterns, weatherproof and stylish and featuring a 3M Scotchlite logo for safer walking after dark.

From $12 and$16, the Award-Winning Zuka Bowl Travel Bowl is the perfect travel bowl. Smaller and more sensibly sized than most of the larger "camping" bowls, and unique patterns that change every season, Zuka Bowl is the fashion-forward travel bowl that looks good coming out of that expensive purse or baby bag. Complete with carabiner to make it easy to carry - just clip it onto the dog's leash and you will never be without it.

For the Sustainability conscious dog lover, Ecollargy Recycled Dog Collars became in instant hit when first introduced by Itzadog in 2009. Made from retired advertising billboards, destined for a date with the landfill, these collars and leads are durable, soft and wear like denim to a rich vintage look. Truly no two alike, awesome colors and patterns, and totally stink free too. Sensibly priced below $20, the collars come in Medium (8-14 inches) and Large (14-25 inches) or a Five-foot Lead. Recycled dog collars make your pet a part of the solution. Did we mention: Amazingly stink-free!

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