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Itzadog introduces Ecollargy Collars and Leads
DENVER – Colorado-based Itzadog LLC this past week introduced a new collar and leash line at the HH Backer Pet Industry Christmas Show in Chicago. Dubbed “Ecollargy”™ by Founder & CEO Scott Schaible, the new recycled dog collars and leads are made completely of reclaimed advertising billboards. “Tote bags and similar repurposed products have been introduced with great success, and this durable yet soft material is perfectly suited for collars and leads,” said Schaible.

Consumers are constantly looking for ways to do their part to reduce waste and recycle, including bringing their own bags to the grocery store and being more ecologically conscious. Carrying this trend over to their pets seemed like a logical next step. “We are literally diverting tons of material from landfills with this great new line of pet products,” stated Mr. Schaible. Each typical 48- x 14-foot billboard weighs about 175 pounds. “Countless used billboards end up in landfills each year, and we are proud to make a dent and repurpose a portion of them,” he continued.

In addition to being turned into new products and saved from a landfill, these billboards create one-of-a-kind collars and leads with brilliant colors and graphics. “No two are exactly alike, giving the product a truly unique character,” said Schaible. Each retired billboard is cleaned and cut before being sewn into collars and leashes in Denver, Colorado. Each one is emblazoned with a green and white woven label that reads “I used to be a billboard” to reinforce the environmental theme of the product line. The collars and leashes are competitively retail priced in the $16-20 range.

According to Schaible, the response to the Ecollargy™ line has been overwhelmingly positive. “A new collar and leash line is generally not big news,” stated Schaible, “but the Earth-friendly angle of Ecollargy™ elicits an exciting, almost emotional response.”

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