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Customers Praise for Quiet Spot
We received an awesome comment on an online order today, and wanted to share it with you:

"My dogs are finally wearing through their Quiet Spots after 3 years, and they are very busy dogs. A lot of swamps, bogs, snow, lakes and oceans have taken their toll. Good job, guys!"

This seems to support what we have heard over the years - that most people get 24-36 months from their Quiet Spots. Really, a lot of people simply replace it when they get a new collar, even though it is just faded but still functioning great.

Here are a few other actual, real person comments we've received of late. Seriously, we wouldn't fake this stuff. It is so gratifying and makes all the hard work worthwhile:

"I have bought several of your Quiet Spot tag silencers and now that we have a puppy, I will probably be buying more. It is the little things in life that we so appreciate, and these tag covers are wonderful."

"LOVE this product! I bought one for my own dog, my parents dog (man, those tags were driving me crazy!), and one as a thank-you gift for our friends."

"OMG - all I can say is THANK YOU! I have 5 month old twins that are light sleepers, and 3 dogs, one of which has a chronic ear infection and shakes his head frequently - this will improve my life!"

"My Corgi's chest is pure white. He gets tag colors on his chest. This is the answer."

"Moved from CA 4 years ago and have two Quiet Spots from then. Great Product, finally time for replacements."

"I noticed that, prior to using Quiet Spot, when I walked my Lab the leash would jingle the tags right in his ear. How annoying that must have been to an animal who relies so much on hearing! Not to mention that it could damage his hearing. Thanks for a great product!"

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