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Itzadog Introduces new Zuka Bowl patterns
Itzadog used the occasion of the HH Backer Christmas Trade Show this week to introduce 4 new patterns for its unique Zuka Bowl travel bowls. The Fall patterns include a Dog Bone print, a Pink Camo, a Bandana Print and a unique Plaid.

Itzadog introduced Zuka Bowl in the summer of 2007 as a fun and fashionable alternative to the plain-Jane travel bowls currently on the market. The combination of smaller sizes (10 oz. and 16 oz.) and appealing patterns have made the product an instant hit. "Most of the travel bowls on the market today are simply too large for everyday use. Women, in particular, don't have room in a purse for a 30-40 oz. bowl. Zuka Bowl is the answer," stated Itzadog Founder and CEO Scott Schaible.

Zuka Bowl is perfect for purse, car, crate, or just clip it onto the dog's leash (or your belt loop) with the convenient carabiner. Quality made in Colorado, USA.

All orders denominated in US Dollars

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