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Itzadog profiled in Fido Friendly Magazine!
Itzadog LLC and founder Scott Schaible were profiled in the May/June 2007 issue of Fido Friendly Magazine. Below is just a segment of the interview:

FF: What were your biggest hurdles in marketing your business?

SS: One hurdle was finding the time to do it properly while still working as an executive in another industry. Another hurdle was gaining the confidence to just put the product out there. I could have easily tinkered with it for another year in a quest to make it better, but in that time, I might have been eclipsed by another product. I read a great book around that time that really inspired me: Rules for Revolutionaries, by Apple Computer veteran Guy Kawasaki. I highly recommend it for anyone on the precipice of taking a new business leap.

FF: Is there anything you would have done differently, hindsight being 20/20?

SS: I cannot think of a single thing I would change. The whole experience has been very gratifying - bringing a product to market, working now with thousands of great retailers, and the fan mail we receive is just incredible. The idea that people will take the time to write a postcard or drop an email thanking us for our little invention is quite moving.

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