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Quiet Spot works with Nike+iPod Tranmitter!
Many people use Quiet Spot, The Original Pet Tag Silencer, to safely enclose their Nike+ ® iPod ® transmitter on the laces of running shoes. Quiet Spot is the perfect size and shape to house the transmitter, which communicates distance and pace information to the user's iPod Nano and helps motivate runners to achieve their goals.

"We started hearing from people a couple of months ago," stated Scott Schaible of Itzadog. "It is a truly organic process - people who wanted to use the Nike+ ® iPod ® system with a non-Nike shoe needed some way to connect the device to their running shoes. It didn't take long for many Quiet Spot users to realize that the little pouch on their dog's tags was easily adapted to enclose the tranmitter and simply velcro across their laces," he continued.

For a limited time, buyers who enter "Nike+" in the comment section of their online order at will receive free shipping on their entire order.

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