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Quiet Spot Spotted in new commercial for NuvaRing!
So there we were, enjoying football games after Thanksgiving, when a commercial for NuvaRing came on the TV. A cute dog jumps into the back of the car, and he's wearing a Red Quiet Spot Tag Silencer! Very cool to see, and this is a significant national media buy (we were watching ABC at the time).

If you want to see the commercial yourself, and don't want to wait to catch it on your television, just click over to

You will see a link on this page to view the commercial, and you can enjoy it either low- or high-bandwith. It is a 1-minute commercial, and the Quiet Spot appears on the doggie about 9 seconds into it. It is great to see Quiet Spot in so many random and unexpected places these days.

(please note that NuvaRing is a registered trademark of Organon USA, and that Itzadog has no relationship or affiliation with the company)

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