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My Dog Doesnt Wear Tags - Why Would I Need Quiet Spot?
We get this question at shows, events and via email all the time. People say, "Yeah, tag noise bothers me - so, I just don't put any on him." Preposterous - a legible ID tag with phone number is the only voice your dog has when lost, and often the only shot you have of being reunited with a lost pet.

Other people say "I don't need an ID tag - he has a microchip." Hogwash - while a microchip may be a decent last line of defense for a lost dog, it doesn't help when your dog is wandering in traffic. Would-be good Samaritans who gladly dodge traffic to help a lost dog (I have done this too many times to count), when confronted with a dog that has no ID or phone number, are suddenly less inclined to help. Why? Because instead of being able to call you and tell you where the dog is, they are forced to pick up the dog (maybe it will bite me?), drive it to a vet (maybe they have a chip reader - and maybe it is the RIGHT chip reader for the chip that MIGHT be inside this dog), etc etc. By not placing legible ID on your dog, you are seriously jeopardizing the chance of ever seeing him or her again.

The old fashioned way is still the best way - give people the chance to call you and say "I've got your dog at XYZ address, he's in the front yard." Typically, the person who finds your dog is some neighbor just a few blocks away from your home, who is happy to help.

The Humane Society of the United States has a "7 Steps to a Happier Pet" document. Step #1 - "Make sure your pet wears an identification tag to enable him to be returned to you if lost."

Enough said.

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