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How Long will Quiet Spot Last?
We take a lot of pride in our made-in-the-USA products. Quiet Spot is bar-tack sewn for superior durability, and features a genuine 3M Scotchlite logo for safer walking after dark.

Every dog (just like every person) lives a different lifestyle, and places different demands on things like collars, leashes, and their Tag Silencer. A dog who jogs 5 miles a day with his Human will clearly wear out a Quiet Spot more quickly than a less active pet.

While we don't have an official scientific study regarding how long Quiet Spot may last, we DO have literally hundreds of cards, letters and emails from satisfied customers. Based upon all of this input, as well as feeback from dozens of official "Product Testers" who check in with us over the years, we have found that most people get between 24-36 months before their Quiet Spot begins to wear out.

Something to keep in mind: Even if a Quiet Spot only lasted one year, that equates to about 65 cents per month for peace & quiet, PLUS the knowledge that if your dog gets out, the person who finds him will be able to read the phone number and call you!

Most people simply purchase a new Quiet Spot when they get their dog a new collar.

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