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What is Itzadogs Privacy Policy?
Itzadog LLC has a simple policy when it comes to your personal information: We will not sell, rent, or otherwise distribute any information you provide during the course of placing an order with us. Period.

While we do not rule out the possibility of contacting you directly in the future with special offers or friendly reminders about new colors or products, this would only be done in a format that allows you to opt-out quickly and easily.

Truthfully, email blasts and other marketing schemes are just not our style. We think you will love our quality products, and when the one you are using wears out, you will order another one from us - or better yet, you will find that a retailer near you now carries our made-in-the-USA products.

Thanks for taking the time to view our policy, and click on the Contact Us link if you have any specific questions you want to direct to the company.

All orders denominated in US Dollars

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